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Pad holder level 1

For the serious personal trainer wanting to implement boxing in a training or to lift his/her qualities as a pad holder to the next level. Boxing pad holder level 1 focuses on safe, effective and innovative use of the pads. You don’t have to be a certified personal trainer to take this course. The level 1 course is a great introduction for personal trainers wanting to improve their boxing techniques in order to impart it to their clients. The course teaches you the 6 basic punches in boxing, 30 authentic boxing combinations and 12 different drills. The focus is on how to train your clients so you can provide them with safe, fun and innovative boxing training.

What you learn:

  • To improve your own boxing techniques for the 6 basic punches

  • The pad position and correct techniques for training your clients

  • Over 30 boxing combinations to surprise your clients with

  • Various drills for personal training, duo training and small groups

  • Other essential techniques to provide your clients with fun, educational and innovative boxing training.

The course takes up 3 weeks – with one 2-hour contact moment each week. It’s impossible to learn how to box in 3 contact moments which is why we give you assignments to try with clients, friends or family. Videos of the assignments are uploaded to a private Facebook group. The course consists of 3 levels and we’ll be addressing one level each week.


During the first phase, the focus is on the basic stance and the direct punches (jab and cross). After level 1, the client can return to the basic stance after each punch, hit technically correct, direct punches on the pads and keep close in case of a possible counter.


During this phase, hooks and uppercuts are taught. In addition, the client learns defense by slipping and subsequently countering with a boxing combination. After level 2, the client is capable to correctly perform all punches correctly in 4 out of the 5 points of the technical scale. In addition, the client no longer has to think about which number goes with what punch and they’ll know all the classic boxing combinations.

During this level the client really starts to feel like they’re boxing in a real match. Simultaneously punching and countering requires great footwork, balance and coordination. At this point, your client no longer has to think about the numbering of all punches. They also have fair technique by now. After this level, the client should be able to defend and counter at the same time. The most important thing is to stay balanced during the various drills.


Hitting pads has a high fun factor and is hugely challenging, particularly when done by an experienced pad holder. There’s a huge variety in drills you can teach your client.  There’s lots of client interaction and the exercise has a low threshold, which means that anyone can do it. The intensity can be increased/decreased depending on the level of training. Differentiation is endless which allows all clients to train at their own level. It’s an all-round training for strength, stamina, coordination and speed alike. Clients can sometimes be lazy when using a sand bag. Being lazy is not an option with an active and experienced pad holder encouraging their client and continuously testing defense. It’s not only a great training but an intellectual stimulant as well – and fun! Pad training is the way to train realistic boxing and comes closest to a real match situation. It’s not only about speed and strength but timing, style and accuracy as well. When all you do is power punch the pads, you deny yourself the refined punch work – it’s important to start slowly and build it up at a steady pace.


·        High fun factor and challenging

·        Lots of client interaction

·        Most effective way to learn the basics

·        Huge amount of variety

·        A fun way to warm up the body before exertion

·        Simulating a realistic match situation with your client

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